360 Videographer

I am passionate about storytelling using 360ยฐ video, whether itโ€™s sharing the stories of Australian agriculture or the career journeys of people I meet in the industry.

Tech Innovator

I am excited by the latest developments in technology and I love to explore how I can use these technologies to be more productive and engage my audience.

Keynote Speaker

I combine my passion for technology with my background in education and agriculture to engage audiences with how using technology can change lives.

I Founded Think Digital, an XR Studio for Agriculture

Think Digital Studios solves complex problems in agriculture using XR. These problems range from teaching people where their food comes from, biosecurity, and workforce shortages. We work with RDCs, Government, Educational Institutions and Supply Chain to help innovate the industry, train and engage key audiences, and help boost productivity on farm.

Latest Videos

How Can I Help?

There are many ways I can help you navigate and adopt the exciting world of XR and AI Technologies.  My sweet spot is innovating the way you currently communicate and educate.  With the support of my amazing team at Think Digital, we can help create a solution. 

I also am happy to discuss and deliver a workshop or keynote for your team or event. 

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