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Augmented Reality Building Apps

The Next Step; Be Bold, Be Different

I have been looking into the difference between a “Mobile Website” and an “App”, in particular for an opportunity to tap into the building industry market.

A Mobile Website – A mobile website certainly has it place in the world. It delivers information into the palm of a “customers” hand. The ability to interact with it anymore than “browsing through information” is a little limited, plus it requires them to be “online”.

An App – Provides the ability to go to the next level in terms of “interactivity”, it also can be used “offline” if the App has been designed to be used “offline”

App could but not limited to;

  • “save” the design and share it – to email, sms, social media
  • “push” notifications to the user
  • gps tracking “find your closest store”

Examples that pop up in my research



Mapping Tool

Measurement Tool

Tim Gentle
Tim Gentle
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